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Successful People Who Failed At Their First Try

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Success isn’t easy to grab. It takes time to be successful. For some it’s a piece of cake to reach varied heights and make their mark but not for others. There are many currently successful people who weren’t what they are now in their initial years.

Jim Carrey

The famous Saturday Night Live host in 2014 was rejected when he auditioned for the same in 1980-81. He has a past not as glorious as his present. He grew up in a lower-income family with a father who struggled to keep his jobs because of which Jim had to drop out of high school at the age of 15 and get a job as a janitor just to help support the family. It was very difficult for his family to get him his dream job. But they worked hard for the same.

Now we all know Jim Carrey as a laugh-out- loud zany comic who’s brought us some of the highest grossing comedies of all time such as The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, and Ace Ventura.

Oprah Winfrey

Becoming a mother of a short lived boy at the age of 14, Oprah had a rocky start in life. As the daughter of a teenaged low-income mother, her start was anything but glamorous. Her initial living conditions were rough as she was sexually abused by her cousin, uncle and family friend, starting at the age of 9.

She, at 14, was sent to live with her father, Vernon, in Tennessee, who helped her focus on her schooling. She majored in communications on a full scholarship from the University of Tennessee. In high school, and in her first two years of college, Winfrey interned at a local radio station, helping to develop a foundation for a career in media.

She hosted a local talk show named; People are talking, after being fired by her producer in a local news channel as he thought she was “unfit for television”. Later, in 1983, she re-located to Chicago to host a talk-show, AM Chicago which is now known as The Oprah Winfrey Show.

J.K. Rowling

Rowling’s life was not peaches and cream, she struggled tremendously. She is widely known as the woman who created Harry Potter but her struggle to be the same is unknown to many. In 1990, Rowling first had the idea for Harry Potter. She began writing furiously.

However, later that year, her mother died after 10 years of complications from Multiple Sclerosis. In 1992 she moved to Portugal to teach English where she met a man, married, and had a daughter. In 1993, her marriage ended in divorce and she moved to Edinburgh, Scotland. At that time, she had three chapters of Harry Potter in her suitcase.

In 1995 all 12 major publishers rejected the Harry Potter script. But, in 1996 when a small publishing house, Bloomsbury, accepted it and extended a very small £1500 advance. In 1997, the book was published with only 1000 copies, 500 of which were distributed to libraries. In 1997 and 1998, the book won awards from Nestle Smarties Book Prize and the British Book Award for Children’s Book of the Year. After that, it was one wild ride for Rowling. Today, Rowling has sold more than 400 million copies of her books, and is considered to be the most successful woman author in the United Kingdom.

Walt Disney

The man, who has affected generations to come with his cartoon creations, was once considered a failure. Disney was fired by the editor in 1919 from his job at the Kansas City Star paper because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” However, the Mickey Mouse man didn’t stop failing there. Disney’s first go at business landed in bankruptcy when he acquired an animation studio by the name of Laugh-O- Gram. The company was acquired because, at the time, Disney’s cartoon creations had gained popularity in the Kansas City area. But his business went into debt as he couldn’t handle operations properly.

When he formed the Walt Disney Company, all of his past failures helped to pave the way for a successful business. Disney and the Walt Disney Company have touched the lives of millions across the globe. From cartoons, to theme parks, and animated movies, both children and adults now enjoy the fruits of Disney’s labor. Had he given up, things would have been far different. But he persevered, even through bankruptcy.

Katy Perry

She is a popular name in the singing industry. But it wasn’t easy for her to be the name she is. Her name is popular, struggle isn’t. Perry started her career in her early life, dropping out of high school after freshman year in 1999 to pursue singing. Originally, she was a gospel singer, taking cues from her parents who were Born Again Christians.

In 2001, Katy Perry released her first gospel album (commercially unsuccessful) with Red Hill Records. The record company ceased operations after selling only 200 copies of her album. In 2003, after moving to Los Angeles to record with producer Glen Ballard, she was signed to Island Def Jam, which was also a contract that was terminated. In 2004 she signed with Columbia Records who sought to make her the lead vocalist of The Matrix but later fell.

She never gave up and continued to pursue her career. In 2006 she was signed to the newly – formed Capitol Music Group. It was there that she got her first hit, I kissed a Girl, and kick started her career as a commercial success.

Bill Gates

Known today to be one of the wealthiest men in the world, Bill Gates’s upper middle- class family is a stark contrast from some of the other successful failures out there that didn’t have well-off parents. Bill Gates failed in business before Microsoft came his way.

Gates’s first business was indeed a failure. Traf-O- Data was a partnership between Gates, Paul Gilbert, and Paul Allen. The goal of the business was to create reports for roadway engineers from raw traffic data. The company did achieve a little bit of success by processing the raw traffic data to generate some income. But the machine refused proper functioning when they showed it to a Seattle County traffic employee.

Through this Gate with partner Paul Allen set up ideas for Microsoft. Although Gates failed at his first business, it didn’t discourage him from trying again. He didn’t want to give up because the sheer notion of business intrigued him. Now only his success speaks.

Henry Ford

The famous owner of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford, failed twice before successfully launching the present incarnation of his company. In 1899, at the age of 36 years old, Ford formed his first company, the Detroit Automobile Company with backing from the famed lumber baron, William H. Murphy. That company went bankrupt.

In 1901, he formed the Henry Ford Company, which he ended up leaving with the rights to his name. That company was later renamed to the Cadillac Automobile Company. However, it was Ford’s third try, with the Ford Motor Company, that hit the proverbial nail on the head.

After that, Ford revolutionized the automobile industry, pioneering not only the Model T and the assembly line, but also the concept and notion of an automobile in every home. Driving became a “thing,” and subsequently, Ford’s Model T went on to sell over 17 million units.

Colonel Sanders

Famous for his iconic white suit and bow tie, Colonel Sanders was the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). It wasn’t until the age of 62 that he set out with a $105 social security check in hand to pitch his chicken recipe to restaurants. 1,009 folks told him he was crazy, but he didn’t give up.

He brewed up his secret chicken recipe between 1939-1940 when he figured out how to pressure fry the chicken in a faster and more consistent product all the time. He was at the age of 50 when that happened. It was in 1952 that he hit the road and began trying to sell his franchise-model chicken restaurant. The first restaurant that he landed was based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, which became the first Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In 1964, at the age of 74 years old, Sanders sold the company for $2 million dollars to a group of investors led by Jack C. Massey and John Y. Brown Jr. He retained the rights to the Canadian franchises and stayed on as a salaried goodwill ambassador to the company. However, this just goes to show you that it doesn’t matter how old you are or just how much money you have to your name in order to accomplish something great.

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